General Systems and a "Theory of Everything":

Essays on Physics and the Nature of Reality

(an "E-Book" consisting of selected links to the index page of the website)

John A. Gowan and August T. Jaccaci
Revised Aug., 2016

Table of Contents

Preface to the E-Book (by August T. Jaccaci)
Introduction to the E-Book (by John A. Gowan)

Chapt. 1: Cosmology: A Map of Historic Spacetime

Chapt. 2: General Systems, Fractals, and the Organization of Nature Chapt. 3: Unification: Conservation, Symmetry, Entropy, Causality-Information Chapt. 4: Entropy: Intrinsic Motion; the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics Chapt. 5: Gravitation: the Creation of Time Chapt. 6: The Weak Force: Particle Creation and Destruction Chapt. 7: The "Hourglass" and "Tetrahedron" Energy Conservation Models Chapt. 8: Appendix