Interaction of 4 Conservation Laws with the 4 Forces of Physics
. Electromagnetic Force
Gravitational Force
Strong Force
Weak Force
2nd Law of
c, T, G
(light, time, gravity:
primordial entropy
drives creating
dimensional, entropic
conservation domains)
Invariant Motion of
Light: E = hv;
"Velocity c":
Entropy Drive of Light;
Positive Spatial Entropy:
Creation, Expansion,
Cooling of Space;
Negative Entropy:
Chemical Info. Domain,
Biological Domain:
Life; Abstract Info.,
Human Domain
Intrinsic Motion "G";
Negative Spatial Entropy:
Contraction and
Heating of Space;
Positive Temporal Entropy:
Creation of Time from
Space by Gravity;
Expansion of History;
Time is the Entropy
Drive of Bound energy;
("G" is the entropy
conversion gauge)
Dilution of Causal Links
Negative Entropy:
Nuclear Info. Domain,
Periodic Table, Fusion,
Positive Entropy:
Attrition of
Conversion of Mass
to Light;
Proton Decay
Negative Entropy:
Creation of Matter;
Positive Entropy:
Destruction of
Particle and
Proton Decay
Causality -

Law of Cause
and Effect: "Karma";
Bound Energy;
(cosmos is
causally connected);
Time, History,
Historic Spacetime
Mass: E = mcc;
hv = mcc;
(Einstein-de Broglie);
Matter, Momentum;
Asymmetric Energy;
"Velocity c" is
Causal Gauge;
Matter is Local,
Temporal, Causal;
Electron Shell;
Atoms, Molecules;
Time, History,
Historic Spacetime;
Entropic Conservation
Domain of Historic
Matter's "Causal Matrix";
"Akashic Record"
Mass Carriers:
Quarks, Mesons,
Hyperons, Protons,
Neutrons, Nucleons;
Atomic Nucleus;
Meson Binding of
Compound Nuclei
92 Elements
Charge Carriers;
Leptons, Neutrinos:
(balancing charges in
place of antiparticles);
Single Elementary
Higgs, IVBs
Vector Bosons)
Conservation of

Inertial Forces);
Noether's Theorem
(charges = light's
symmetry debts);

Charge Invariance
("velocity c" is the
symmetry gauge of
light - vanishing time,
mass, gravity, charge)

Invariance of "c"
Electric Charge:
Asymmetry Debt = Lost Antimatter;

 Magnetism Protects
Electric Charge Invariance;
Symmetry Conservation:
Chemical Reactions;
Annihilation Reactions
Gravitational Charge:
"Location" Charge;
Asymmetry Debt = "Location";
Mass "Interval" > 0;
Graviton; Time;
Symmetry Conservation:
Stars, Supernovas,
Black Holes,
"Quantum Radiance":
Conversion of Asymmetric
Mass to Symmetric Light
Color Charge:
Asymmetry Debt =
Fractional Charges;
(gluons confine
partial charge
Flavor Charge:
Mesons Bind
Heavy Nuclei;
Symmetry Conservation:
Fusion Releases
Free Energy;
Proton decay

"Identity" Charge:
Neutrinos are "Bare"
Identity Charges;
Asymmetry Debt =
Elementary Particles,

Neutrino Parity,
Weak Force Decays;
 Symmetry Conservation:
Fission, Particle,
Proton Decay
of Energy;

1st Law of
Energy Cannot be
Created or Destroyed,
Only Transformed;
Conservation Modes:
Raw Energy,
Entropy, Symmetry
Electromagnetic Metric;
Special Relativity;
Velocity c Invariance;
"Interval" Invariance
Causality Invariance
Lorentz Invariance
Charge Invariance

Gravitational Metric
General Relativity
Creation of Time, Spacetime:
Compound Metric
for Free and Bound Electromagnetic Energy
Elementary Particle
Principles of the Unified Field Theory in a 4x4 Concept Table: John A. Gowan and August T. Jaccaci May, 2014
Light, free electromagnetic energy, is the primary energy form of our Universe. "Velocity c", the intrinsic motion of light, gauges the primordial entropy drive, metric, distributional symmetry, and mass-equivalence of free energy. The intrinsic motion of time is the primordial entropy drive of bound energy (matter - derived from light). Light creates space, the spatial metric, and virtual particle-antiparticle pairs, which are brought into 4-D reality by weak force symmetry-breaking via the Higgs boson and weak force IVBs during the "Big Bang". Quarks function as mass carriers; leptons (and mesons) function as alternative charge carriers, balancing charges in place of antiparticles. Higgs and IVB mass reconstitutes the electroweak force unification symmetric energy state of the "Big Bang", creating invariant, single, elementary particles. The Universe is a conservation/entropy domain for free and bound electromagnetic energy. In matter, light's raw energy is conserved as mass, light's symmetry is conserved as charge, light's entropy is conserved as gravitation and time. Information is conserved in historic spacetime. The Charges of matter are the symmetry debts of light (Noether's Theorem). Gravity converts space to time and mass to light, conserving both light's entropy and symmetry. "G" is the entropy conversion gauge, converting light's entropy drive to matter's entropy drive, slowing cosmic expansion, and vice versa. All forces act to return the material system to its state of greatest symmetry and entropy, cold light. Light's symmetry and entropy is ultimately conserved via matter-antimatter annihilation, proton decay, and Hawking's "quantum radiance" of black holes. See: home page