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Personal Chronology and Chronology of Papers and Ideas (approximate)

Chronology - Personal

28 July 1937 - Born Cambridge, Mass., with twin sister, Anne
May 1955 - Graduate Culver Military Academy, Culver, Indiana (Winter School, 4 yrs)
Fall 55 - Spring `57 - Attend UCSB, Calif.
July `57 - July `60 US Army (Korean Translator)
July `60 - Oct. `61 Farm work, meet Otmar Ulbing, begin thinking about gravity
Oct. `61 - July `62 US Army (recall - Berlin crisis)
July `62 - Fall `63 - Farm work
1963 Fall Enter Cornell U. Ag. school
1964 Spring I marry Esther Brock
1965 Begin work as technician for Dr. R.B. Root
1969 I graduate from Cornell and we buy our Brooktondale country home
1970 Nov. - Timothy born
1975 Jan. - Geoffrey Born
1978 April - Matthew born
1980 June - Attend first CPSI with dad
1986 Mother dies March 10; Father dies Dec. 4; I change jobs (April) after 20 years with Prof. Root - a difficult year
1986 - 2000 - Work at various jobs in and out of Cornell, including the State Pheasant Farm, an auto rental agency, Pyramid Mall, Entomology Dept. (again), and finally the Floriculture Dept.
2000 March - Retire, sell Brooktondale home, and move to Ithaca apartment
2003 March - Esther and I Move to the "gray havens" of San Luis Obispo, CA
2018 Aug. - Still alive (in S.L.O.) and writing a few small papers (but definitely feeling my age). Using a walker. We have not owned a car since moving to CA (2003).

Chronology - General

My website, along with annual lectures at The Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI - originally at Buffalo, NY), has been the principle outlet for my ideas. This website was established in the late summer or autumn of 1996, and from quite modest beginnings has grown in readership until by 2005 it had gone over 10,000 "hits" per month on several occasions, these from dozens of countries all over the world. (The Cornell server no longer hosts my web page (closing in June 2009), and my readership has declined significantly since that server shut down; Google Analytics currently registers between 2-3K "hits" per month.)

The internet is a tremendous boon to would-be authors, such as myself, whose subject matter falls outside almost every traditional commercial (or academic) category. Those who are interested in what I have to say are thinly spread indeed, but I nevertheless have many readers due to the fact that the internet is accessible to so many millions of people - about 20% of the world's population, according to a recent estimate (Science 27 July 2007). In view of this small but widespread success, why bother with a hardcopy book which will be little more than a reprise of the website, be accessible to and seen by many fewer people, in a much more restricted geographic area, and be a real pain and expense to produce in the bargain? There may in fact be no good answer to this question. However, it is always a great convenience to have a hard copy of an author's collected papers; for reasons of history and priority a hardcopy book is perhaps a more reliable instrument than a website; a book represents an important conservation measure, as it can be housed in a traditional library; and finally, if nothing else, the effort to produce it will inevitably generate new/revised material for the website. In fact, I would not consider producing a book at all if I could not also put it on my website. As a compromise, I have assembled a selection of the website papers into an "E-Book" that can be downloaded as a unit. The papers are organized into 7 chapters or subject areas, plus a small appendix of miscellaneous papers. These papers (like all papers on the website) are always subject to revision as my ideas and knowledge evolve. This is another great advantage of the internet over traditional publishing technologies.

The Papers

The website consists of an index page with a summary statement of the major conclusions of the work, a short biography of myself, and a listing of papers (about 80), tables (about 22), and diagrams (about 44), most of which address a single topic: General Systems models of the Unified Field Theory. There is in addition a cosmological map of spacetime with accompanying text; a paper on the mechanism of the weak force, several papers on the fractal organization of nature, a paper on Teilhard de Chardin, papers on the General Systems aspects of astrology, and some poetry from various CPSI friends. In addition, all eight chapters of the "Theory of Everything" (TOE) E-Book and miscellaneous contributing papers are now up. ( (

As for my qualifications for this kind of work, I have only a bachelor's degree in biological science (actually given in "General Agriculture") from Cornell University (1969), and a lifelong interest in both science and metaphysics, and of course what talent and learning I inherited from my remarkable parents. Beyond this, it is just my lack of, or at best peripheral, membership in the academic circle and professional scientific academy that is my chief qualification for the production of some new thought and new perspective on these subjects. This because my ideas have escaped the censorship of a government granting agency, major professor, or peer review procedure. Historically, the penalty for this kind of intellectual freedom of expression is either extreme bodily harm, or at the very least, exclusion from the usual channels of publication: we either speak in public with a socially approved voice or not at all. But this tradition of thought-control is being overthrown by the internet, to the great benefit of everyone, myself included.

The history of this collection of papers is, in the main, the history of the various meetings (mostly the annual CPSI meetings) for which they were written, and at which they were presented. I began attending the CPSI meetings in Buffalo about 1980 and my earliest papers date from that time. I attended regularly except the four year period following my parents' deaths in 1986; I resumed attending CPSI in 1990, at the behest of Gus Jaccaci, the coauthor of many of the General Systems papers, tables, and figures.

I wrote and rewrote several papers a year to present at CPSI, which was the only outlet for my writing until I got my website up and running in late 1996; now (2005) I write mainly for my website. The web page is wonderful in that it allows the immediate publication of new ideas, and endless revision of (and additions to) previously published papers. In addition to the large annual CPSI meetings, I have written and presented papers for several smaller meetings hosted by individual CPSI presenters ("leaders") in their own cities. These include Andre de Zanger (New York City), Win Wenger (Arlington, Virginia), Dick Spady (Seattle Washington), and Gus Jaccaci (various sites in Vermont and upstate New York). As for previous hardcopy publications of this work, very little has been actually published. The fractal table was published by Gus in a trade magazine and several of his own books; a summary of the fractal paper was published in the symposium volume of a Systems meeting in Durban, South Africa; an early version of one of my gravitational papers on the "location" charge was published by my father in his last book ("Enveloped in Glory"); finally, the cosmology map and accompanying text were at one time included in the on-line edition of the World Book Encyclopedia (under the heading "Universe"). (Remarkably enough, this map has also found its way into an opera ("The Library of Maps") written by Moira Roth and Pauline Oliveros). (The "Spacetime Map" was also published in an abbreviated form in a hard-cover symposium volume (2011) by Collins Foundation Press: "Science, Wisdom, and the Future"). I sent this and a copy of the Durban symposium volume to the Cornell U. library system.

I am setting down this historical record simply to help get the facts straight about the evolution of the papers and the ideas, but this effort can only be approximate at best, since these ideas and papers have gone through many revisions over the years, and usually the older papers have been discarded without notice as the newer versions have arrived (see below).

As to the matter of authorship, except where explicitly noted otherwise, I am the sole or principle author of all the articles, tables, and diagrams on the website, and in either case, I am solely responsible for their "scientific" content. The major contribution by Gus to this work has been (in my view) in the creation of the structure and dynamics of the General Systems aspects of the theory, and in his attention to the social, philosophical, and epistemological relevance of the work. Finally, Gus's unstinting support and "cheer leading" over the 25 years through which this work and our collaboration evolved, has been a crucial element of its success and completion. Without his emotional support and belief in my vision, I do not believe this work could have been brought to fruition.

Along with George Land, Gus developed a 4-part General Systems model of the dynamics of growth (Gus expanded and renamed Land's stages as: "Gather, Repeat, Share, Transform"). This dynamic fitted beautifully with a 4-part structural hierarchy of natural organization which I had independently developed (Unit, Pair, Group, Emergent New Unit), and the Land-Jaccaci dynamic has been incorporated in the Fractal Table of Natural Organization. Gus is also responsible for encouraging the expansion of the core 4x3 system metric to a 4x4 format in the fractal table; I developed the "Metaphysical Realm" only at his insistence. Gus is also responsible for recognizing the vertical component of the system metric - the organizing metric runs both horizontally and vertically in the fractal table. Finally, Gus helped with the birth of the Tetrahedron model from its earlier triangular form, although I am responsible for its detailed development. Gus has been particularly active in the development of the 4x4 grid pattern (the Metamatrix®), a general model which has also been successfully elaborated by other authors (Jamie O'Boyle, for one). Gus also excels in speaking and writing skills, his intuitive appreciation for both scientific and metaphysical issues, and in his ability to interpret the scientific aspects of my work to a lay audience, especially emphasizing its significance for a new cosmology. But as I said above, for me it has always been Gus's emotional support and enthusiasm which has been so important in carrying forward what has otherwise been a mostly lonely (but inwardly very rewarding) quest. (Lately, the internet has also eased my sense of isolation. I can't praise this invention enough! To my mind, it is the single greatest advance in publishing and communication technology since the invention of the printing press.)


CPSI - the Creative Problem Solving Institute - is a private organization located in Buffalo, NY, dedicated to fostering creativity. It was founded by Alex Osborn in 1954 and has two meetings a year, a large one in Buffalo (and recently, other venues) around the time of the summer solstice, which in good times approached 1,000 participants from more than 30 countries, and a much smaller winter conference in January in San Diego, CA. My father, who was an expert and a published author of several books on creativity and the education of gifted children (some written expressly for CPSI), had attended the summer conference for many years and eventually asked me to join him in 1980. This was my first CPSI experience and there I met Gus who was with my father in a workshop or "think tank" centered on the topic of General Systems. Because of the similarity of our interests, Gus and I almost immediately became friends and colleagues and I for the first time had an outlet and an audience for my ideas.

I attended CPSI each summer between 1980 - 86, and then after a hiatus following the deaths of my parents, from 1990 - 2002. I attended CPSI's 50th anniversary celebration in 2004. Each year, generally during the winter, I would write 2 or 3 papers for the CPSI summer conference and its General Systems group, organized by Gus, and sometimes another paper for other small creativity conferences which spin off CPSI. Because I was working full time at Cornell and elsewhere most of these years, I did not do much additional writing, as CPSI was my only outlet. So the slow but steady annual pace of the CPSI conference was a large reason why the work took so long to do, in addition to the fact that it has always had to be an "after-hours" hobby. Still, CPSI and Gus are perhaps the only reasons the work got done at all, until I discovered the internet and began my webpage in the fall of 1996. From that point forward I wrote for my website in addition to CPSI, and now I write first for the website and only secondly for any other venue. Without CPSI, my creativity would have had no outlet during the period of its initial flowering, so I owe this organization, my father, and Gus a tremendous debt of gratitude. I doubt I would have still been writing by the time the internet showed up to save the disenfranchised from obscurity, isolation, and cynical frustration.

Chronology - Papers, "CPSI" Talks, Website Postings, and Ideas (most dates approximate)

June 1975 - "Creativity gene" turns on (like a light switch!) and I begin writing (age 38)

Dec. 1976 - Finished astrology Sun-Sign birth-death study

July 1977 - I turn 40 and begin to read Einstein


June - My first CPSI, Buffalo State College (South Campus) - meet Gus.
Fall - Attended meeting in NYC of Ed Haskell's "club", talked about gravitation paper;
Dec. 5 - 1st record of "Organization of Nature Table"


Jan. 29 - "Location" as the charge of gravitation: Paper submitted to the journal Nature: rejected.
Summer - 1st drawing of "Spacetime Map of the Universe"
Nov. - Gravitational "location" charge recognized as a symmetry debt of light's non-local energy state
Dec. 8 - "Gravity is matter's memory it once was light" (firm record)


Jan. - (Gus) GRST General Growth Stages published in "A Technology of Love" (in JC Penney trade journal)
"Location" paper published in my father's book: Enveloped in Glory (privately printed) (Prof. John Curtis Gowan)
Particle creation and proton decay; the "X" boson and the baryon (leptoquark) neutrino
CPSI talks:

4x3 Unified Field Theory models
"Symmetry debt" concept (Noether's Theorem) extended to all four forces
August - Sheldrake, NY meeting with Eve Neuhaus and Gus


April - The Weak Force Mechanism paper
CPSI talks:


Spacetime Map - Text
Unity Scholars founded by Gus (date?)
CPSI talks:


Weak Force Mechanism paper submitted to physics journals - rejected
4x3 human development charts
April: "The Genesis of Matter"
CPSI talks:


(Both my parents die this year, my mother in March and my father in Dec. Also, I leave my job (after 20 years) at Cornell; by far, the worst year of my life.) (I did not attend CPSI 1986-89)
Jan. 28 - Spacetime Map - Sent to Astronomy magazine
Human life history 4x3 general systems models
Metamatrix developed by Gus (?date?)
Winter 86-87 - "A Unified Theory of Energetic Symmetry": the charges of matter are the symmetry debts of light


(Metaphysical Realm (fractal table 4th level) (?date?)
May 13 - Spacetime Map - sent to Sky and Telescope magazine - rejected
May 8 - Spacetime Map - rejected by Astronomy magazine


No records


Nov. - Training and Development Journal - Organization of Nature table and Metamatrix map Table: "A General Systems Model of Natural Organization" (article published by Gus)


Feb. ? Meeting in Vt. with Gus and friends - videotape talk on "Unified Field Theory"
CPSI talks:

4x3 human life history models with astrological elements and qualities

1991 - 1993

No records (however, I did attend CPSI and give talks)


Founding of WISA (World Institute of Social Architecture) by Gus - convention of Social Architecture talks in CPSI homeroom
CPSI talks:

A human development model combined with a social architecture model - large paper.


CPSI talks:

"The Future Factor" Workshop by Gus - the Metamatrix
Win Wenger conference in November, Arlington VA Talk:


April 20-21 De Zanger in NYC "Creativity Expo" talks:

CPSI talks: Fall - General Systems website established.


CPSI talks:

"Triangle" diagrams: "Symmetric and Asymmetric Energy States of the Cosmos"
Marylyn Ferguson at CPSI homeroom - search for diagrammatic representation (beyond matrix or grid) of Unified Field Theory in progress
A series of small papers for CPSI:
Fall (?) - "Grail" Diagrams developed
Nov. - Connection between time and gravitation
Nov. - The "Hourglass Diagrams" text
Nov. - "General Systems and the Unified Field Theory"
Dec. - "The Fractal Organization of Nature" - paper to be published in SSCC'98 symposium volume - see next below


The "Grail or "Hourglass" diagrams are presented at CPSI
CPSI talks:

July - "Physical and Metaphysical Correlates of the Grail Diagrams"
Sept. 22-24 - Durban South Africa: International Conference on Systems, Signals, Controls, Computers. Published in the symposium volume: "The Fractal Organization of Nature" text and table (my copy of this volume is in the Cornell library system).
Nov. 10 - Time and gravitation create each other in a self perpetuating process initiated by the collapsing wave function of light and space.
Nov. - "Transformations of Space and Time"
Nov. - "Grail Flower" diagrams - discovered at Win Wenger's conference


CPSI Talks (June):

July 12 - paper: "Gravity, Entropy, and Thermodynamics"
Oct. - "The Formation of Matter and the Origin of Information"
Nov. - "The Information Pathway" (table: "The Information Ladder")
Nov. - "Symmetry Principles of the Unified Field Theory" (large paper)
Nov. 15 - Submitted to Archives of Physics ( "Gravity, Entropy, and Thermodynamics"
Nov. 27 - Submitted to Archives of Physics ( "A Spacetime Map of the Universe" - (red shift appendix submitted May 7 2001) (all Archives papers have been repeatedly revised and resubmitted)


March - moved from Brooktondale farm (31 years residence) to Ithaca apartment
June - CPSI Futureum homebase: Michael Snyder's quilt (archetype symbols)
June - 3-dimensional form of the double "Grail" diagram discovered by my wife Esther (at CPSI)
June - The Trinity of Energy - diagram
CPSI talks:

July 4 - Submitted to Archives of Physics ( "Symmetry Principles of the Unified Field Theory"
July (?) - "A Spacetime Map of the Universe" becomes the no. 2 article under the heading "Universe" in the on-line edition of the Worldbook General Reference Encyclopedia
Aug. 9 - Submitted to Archives of Physics ( "The Weak Force Mechanism"
Oct. 11-15 - Dick Spady's Seattle Conference talk:
Fall - "Ordering the Quark Flavors"
Oct. - "An Overview of the Astrological System of the Grail Diagrams" (updated)
(date?) "Aquarius and the Origin of Life"
November 15 - 9th annual "Double Festival": Win Wenger, Gaithersburg, Va Talk:
Dec. 10 - Synoptic statements concerning spacetime, light, and particles are added to the index page of the website.
Dec. 23 - (large paper) "Entropy, Gravitation and Thermodynamics"


January - The Cosmic (energy) Tetrahedron - diagram
May 6 - learned how to calculate red shift ("Z") values from the Spacetime Map. Paper: "Cosmological Red Shift (Z) Values for the Spacetime Map"
June 11 - "The Cosmic Tetrahedron" - large paper
June 14 - "The Connection Between Entropy and Symmetry" - small paper
June - Set up the memorial website for Prof. John Curtis Gowan's books
CPSI talks:

Nov. - submitted "Entropy, Gravitation, Thermodynamics" to the on-line electronic journal Entropy - rejected
Nov. - "The Connection Between Gravitation, Time, Entropy, and Symmetry"
Nov. 14 - "Entropy and Gravity" - a small paper


Jan. - "A Description of Gravitation" (large paper)
Jan. - "The Gravity Diagrams" (2)
Feb. 24 - "The Universal Gravitational Constant G"
Feb. 24 - Extending Einstein's Equivalence Principle
March 29 - "Principles of a Unified Field Theory: a Tetrahedral Model"
March 31 - "The Origin of Space and Time"
April 6-9 - Forum Foundation Seattle WA talk (Dick Spady conference):

April 13 - The Origin of Gravitation: Time and the Conservation of Entropy
CPSI talks:
July 10 - "Spatial Entropy vs Temporal Entropy" small paper
Summer - (?) begin writing an introduction and chronology for the Grand Unification book planned with Gus
July 21 - A graph of the Cosmic expansion is added to the Spacetime Map, demonstrating that observations from the literature can be realistically plotted on red shift and dimensional parameters generated from the map, a crucial empirical demonstration of the map's validity and utility.
Fall - 4 small gravity papers and the "Vermont Vision" diagrams connecting the Tetrahedron and Grail Diagrams


March - move from Ithaca NY to San Luis Obispo CA
Spring - Write more gravity and entropy papers - the relation between gravitation, causality, conservation, and history becomes a dominant theme. California papers include:

Fall - write 12 small papers (sections 1-12) "Introduction to the Papers" for the TOE book; revise the red shift discussion in the Spacetime Map paper. Revise and post preliminary drafts for the Theory of Everything book.


Spring - Rewrite the first four chapters of the TOE book. The "Newton and Darwin" negentropic connection is made during visit and conversations with Gus.

June - 50th CPSI. Talks:

Fall and Winter - discovered symbolic representations for gravity and entropy "conceptual equations":
-Gm(S) - (T)m = 0 (the exact form of this equation has changed several times)
Wrote 5-D spacetime map paper ("Juan Maldacena")
"Commentary on the Rational Mode of the Metaphysical Realm"


(revision of all papers, tables, and diagrams on website is a continuous process - often the entire website is revised every 6 months or even more frequently - especially since move to California)
New papers include:

July - E-book is put up in raw form
Dec. - Tetrahedron in 4x4 form and tetrahedron vs conservation law tables (new)
Dec. - Gus sends his "Preface"


Jan. - "Nature's Fractal Hierarchy" - a composite article for the E-Book only
Jan. 16 - Realized the gravitational "concept equations" have a solution (theoretically) in absolute temperature - since they are entropy representations: (S) - (T) = 2.7k (currently). (??)
Jan. 27 - E-Book posted in zip file format for easy, "one click" download
Jan. - Reinterpretation of tetrahedron "faces"
Feb. - "Is there Life After Death?"; also "immortality tetrahedron" (biological face)
Spring - Complete revision of all papers, tables, and diagrams on website
July - Short paper on the conservation principles of the tetrahedron (for Gus)
June-July - Commentary on the physical elements of the Spacetime Map
August - Light is the field vector or messenger of causality
Aug. (?) - Update all Physics Archive papers in HTML (except "W" IVB paper)
Sept. - Update all TOE book papers of major significance
22 Sept. - "Alternative Reality" list developed (incorporated in "gauge5.html")
Oct. - Local and Global Symmetries - 4 papers (revisions into November)


Jan. - update physics archive articles with respect to charge invariance
Jan. - -Gm(S) - (T)m = 0 (addition of m to (T) in "concept equation" of the gravitational conversion of space to time
Feb. - Revision of the Higgs and weak force IVB paper
Feb-March - "Higgs Cascade" papers and table (4 papers plus revision of Higgs boson vs spacetime metric paper).
April - "Higgs cascade table" appended to "The "W" IVB and the Weak Force Mechanism" paper, and sent up to the physics archive as a revision of that paper (22 April).
May 6 - 13 - Gus Jaccaci visit from Maine (followed by Hunter Ingalls). Develop the "Higgs Cascade" Tetrahedron series (4 tetrahedrons representing the stages of the cascade).
Aug. - New paper: "The 'Tetrahedron Model' vs the 'Standard Model' of Physics: A Comparison". Read Ian Stewart "Symmetry" books. Suggest spacetime is 8-dimensional (because of "octonion" number system). Remove "deficit spending" model of gravitational action from website papers. Also change sign of (T)m in "concept equation" of gravitational conversion of space to time: -Gm(S) = -(T)m; -Gm(S) + (T)m = 0. (later this is reversed: whatever the sign of -Gm(S), (T)m must be the opposite: negative gravitational entropy must produce positive temporal entropy to balance total Cosmic positive spatial - positive historical entropy equation.)
Sept. - Begin general revisions of papers in 'E-Book'. Tangential connection of gravity to "bulk" historical spacetime via "present Moment" of matter is responsible for weakness of gravity. Tangential connection is necessary to protect elementary charge and mass from enervation by temporal entropy drive. However, even small value of G means that eventually proton decay must occur. Complete revision of "Equivalence" paper 30 Sept.
Oct. - Read James Gleick's book "Chaos" and discover that our 4x4 "matrix" model conforms to "chaos" model. Revise fractal papers to this effect.


Feb. - Read Robert Oerter's book "The Theory of Almost Everything" and realize I have overlooked the meson exchange field of the strong force in compound atomic nuclei ("Yukawa" field). Revise all strong force sections in all papers. Revise "Symmetry Principles of the Unified Field Theory" paper and send new version up to Physics Archives. The meson field is active as an alternative charge carrier of quark partial charges in baryon transformations in both the weak and strong forces - which all makes sense.
April - Revisions of E-Book largely completed.
April - Wrote a short paper for Gus concerning the connections between physics and symbiosis - not posted on the website.
June - saved entire E-book, both as individual files and as a single zip-file, on the WebCite Archive (see below) (also saved dad's books from his memorial website).
June - Mass is a form of energy stored in time; charge is a form of symmetry stored in time; gravity is form of entropy stored in time; history is a form of causality stored in time; life is a form of information stored in time; art is a form of experience stored in time.
July 1 - Paper: "The Tetrahedron Model in the Context of a Complete Conservation Cycle".
Aug. - Write short summary paper: "Light and Matter" (light.html)
Fall, 2008: Begin new cycle of revisions, doing papers in order as they are ranked in popularity on the Google Analytics website (to which I now subscribe).
Dec. 20 - Finished revisions of the paper: "Expanding Einstein's Equivalence Principle". This essentially completes the "scientific" or "formal" collection of ideas needed for the Unified Field Theory. This may well be the most important paper on the website. To date, I have finished revising the first 50 papers on the website in order of their popularity, as recorded by Google Analytics (except for a few revised more recently than the last 6 months). I am getting about 100 hits per day on the website, about 90 of which are new visitors. As always, the "Spacetime Map" is the overwhelming favorite.


Jan. 23: Finished revising all papers and diagrams and tables in the E-Book. All papers and tables (and diagrams) in the E-Book have been saved on the viXra website Archive and the WebCite Archive.

Feb. 9: New paper: "The Strong Force: Two Manifestations" (meson.html) under Section 18 in the "Intorduction to the Papers" section.
Have finished revising all science papers both in and out of the E-Book, except for the Spacetime Map. The general systems papers (including the fractal papers) remain to be done. Google Analytics now counting over 120 URLs. Have resubmitted all revised papers to Webcite Archive.

March 2: Sent Richard d. Stafford's spacetime map paper up to the Webcite Archive, so I can reference it in my own spacetime map paper.
March 9: Finished revising all papers, including General Systems astrology papers, and last of all, the Spacetime Map paper. Google analytics now counting 147 pages (no diagrams, all text papers or tables). Next task: move the website from the Cornell server (which is closing) to the Google server. All papers and revisions saved on the Webcite Archive, and an Earthlink mirror site, and on four Zip disks, one of which is stored in my safety deposit box at the bank.
26 June: Gave talk on Spacetime Map at local conference ("Science, Wisdom, and the Future"). Wrote short summary paper for publication in conference proceedings.
28 July: Wrote "Destruction of Information" - response to Susskind's book "The black Hole War".
6 Aug: Wrote "A Short Course in the Unified Field Theory". Gave a series of 3 informal talks to local group (Josephine's house).
28 Oct: Wrote "About Gravity" (short summary).
Fall 2009: Put up ~ 49 Google "Knols" of major papers. Also sent many papers to new "vixra" archive for "alternative" science. Have written abstracts for many papers for this archive and for the Google "Knols", and revised a few (the "Local Gauge Symmetry" papers).
Christmas, 2009: "Time is gravity's gift to the Cosmos".


Feb: Write "Why Identity Charge is Hidden" (postscript to weak force "Identity" paper).
March: Write "Postscript II" for "Is There Life after Death". Also wrote obit for Karen Arms.
April: Finished last revision of "A Short Course in the Unified Field Theory".
May: Revised weak force papers with respect to neutrino oscillations.
Summer: No writing during summer (much needed rest). Visit Crater Lake.
Aug: Begin new round of revisions of all papers - hopefully the last!
Oct: Negative energy is the foundation rationale for gravitation - to balance positive energy of the "Big Bang". All else follows from this primary energy-conservation role. (See: elements.html Nov. revision)
Dec (Christmas): Finish revising all major papers (105).


Jan. Finish revising 120 papers (everything except the big astrology papers). Add new data to the "Spacetime Map" graph and replot data and limit lines. Write new section ("Postscript") for the "Higgs Boson vs the Spacetime Metric" paper.
June: Have continued spotty revisions until present time. No new papers, but some of the larger ones have been split into two. I added a new section to "Is There Life After Death?". The symposium volume from the "Science, Wisdom and the Future" conference (several years ago now) is expected to be published this month (Collins Foundation Press, the conference sponsors, located in Santa Margarita, CA.) (actually published in Spring, 2012). I have a short summation of the "Spacetime Map" in it. I expect to donate my copy to the Cornell University library system. Dr. Richard Stafford has resurfaced with a color diagram of his own spacetime map, which I have linked.
Oct. New paper: "Negentropy and Information" (2 Oct.) First new paper in a long while. Did nothing all summer. Wrote new paragraph for "Identity" paper on why lepton number charge is a "hidden" charge. Charge must "hide" in massive particles because it cannot conserve spin-handedness in massive leptons.


Spring: Revised the Higgs boson papers, just in time for the July announcement by CERN of the discovery. Did some more revisions afterwards, as well. Hits on the Higgs papers go over 2,000 for July, whereas previous to the announcement they were perhaps 150.
July: Write "The Unified Field Theory: A Synopsis of my Personal Quest". "quest.html". Also receive the PDF of my published symposium short talk on the "Spacetime Map" (filename: SWF Gowan Ch35.pdf). This is posted in the E-Book and on the TandD index page.
Oct: Write "The Symmetry Groups of Light". (galois.html) I like it very much. Have done a number of misc. revisions. Hits on website are way up with the return of the school year. Students are definitely a principle source of traffic. Also, someone translated "The Particle Table" into German - after someone else translated the same article into Belorussian (also Polish and Ukrainian) several months ago. All papers and tables (and diagrams) in the E-Book have been saved on the viXra Website Archive.


Feb.:  My wife Esther makes nine diagrams (to my specifications) for "Symmetry Groups of Light" paper; I also revise and update paper. This may be the last major "technical" paper I will write for the website - I'm getting too old for this line of work - I had a difficult time finishing this paper. I may do some more "philosophical" papers, however, perhaps on the "existence" problem, life after death, the information and historical parameters as they relate to the fractal character of the Cosmos (history repeats itself, ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny), etc.
June: Write: "Graviton" paper as the Introduction section to the "About Gravity" paper (gravity30.html on the TandD index page).
July: Write: "Why Space has 3 dimensions" as addendum to "Spatial vs Temporal Entropy" (stored.html) and convert.html ("The Origin of Space and Time") papers.
July: Revise "The Human Connection" (human.html) and "The Particle Table" (partable.html) papers.
Aug: Add black hole section to "Why Space has 3 Dimensions" paper (see July above). This paper now becomes "dimensions.html".
Sept: Write "The Destruction of Information" (Susskind.html).
Sept. Write "The Phases of Matter" (phase.html) - a response to Laughlin's excellent book "The Universe From the Bottom Down".
Nov. Write "Symmetry Debts: The 'Tetrahedron Model' VS the 'Standard Model'".
Dec. Write "The Problem of Mass in the Tetrahedron Model"


Jan. Write: "The Miracle of our Universe" (added to end of "The Human Connection").
Feb. Write short piece on gravitational "location" charge (put in lightfield.html and sect2.html)
Feb. Revised "Spacetime Map of the Universe"
Feb. "Particle Table" translated into Russian
Mar. Write "Nodes of the Gravimetric Series". (gravimetric.pdf)
April Write "Noether's Theorem" (noether2.html): put in sect9.html as second half of paper.
April Write "Alternative Pathways for the Electroweak Reactions": put in sect4.html, partable.html, and weakforce.html. Also sent to translators of partable.html - to see if they want to update their translations
May Small paper on "dark matter" translated into French (darkmatter.html)
May Revise "Symmetry Principles of the Unified Field Theory" (appendix1, appendix2, and appendixsum.html). Also revised numerous tables associated with this very large paper (science, general, simple, astro, simple1, and others. Some text added to tables, some tables removed. A major effort.
June Important paper on the weak force translated into French (weakforce.html)!
June Revised all gravitational papers on the first page of the website. Removed misc. gravitational papers from second page.
Aug. Revised most papers dealing with "Information". Write "Letter to a Skeptic" (skeptic.html)
Aug. Another paper translated into French! (spacesum.html)
Dec. Heart problems (afib) brings writing to a halt. End of the line? I am now 77, having outlived both parents. Translations are providing a lovely sunset to my writing career!

Jan. So far, 12 different papers have now been translated, with another promised - most into French, several into Polish.
Jan. Write "A Periodic Table of the Four Forces and the Unified Field Theory" (periodforce.html) (last paper?) (with a nice table drawn up by Esther)
Feb. Write a few paragraphs summarizing the "Information Pathway". Posted in "Introduction to Information" sect6.html (at bottom of paper).
March Afib in remission after shock treatment and blood transfusion (2 units) - internal bleeding.
April Write a few paragraphs on "Does the Universe Have a Purpose"? Posted at the bottom of immortal.html and in "Introduction to Information" sect6.html (also at bottom of paper).
August We have to move from our apartment after 12 happy years.  Bummer! We find a new apt. in Laguna Village, a small community within SLO, and move in Nov. 1. An extremely stressful time for us both (I lose ten pounds), but we are finally happily situated as of the new year.

Jan. I have a refurbished laptop computer (Apple) to replace my old Mini-Mac desktop model, which was a victim of the move. This is the first paper I have written since April last year - ill health and the move halted all writing. The new paper is "Weakforce IVBs, Neutrinos, and Information" (neutrinoidentity.html). Added to the existing identity.html paper (The Weak Force Identity Charge") as a (second) postscript (on page 1 of the main index), and as a stand-alone file in the Tables and Diagrams section of the main index page (page 2).
Feb. 3 Wrote a small paper "A Hierarchy of Creativity" (chain.html (on main index page) and chain1.html (in ebook, chapt. 2.).
March: I have slightly modified the format of all papers on the website - removing the long list of links at the bottom of each page (as suggested by a reader) and replacing those links with a simple linkage to the 2 main index pages of the website, plus the E-book. Read: Matthew Cobb: "Life's Greatest Secret". Basic Books, 2015  (good discussion of the "information" parameter in Biology).
Revised the abstracts (only) on appendixsum.html, thermo.html, and uftcourse.html; also stored.html and gravity.html.
May -  afib returns, mild attack, treated with drugs. Another request for translation, after a full year hiatus. Anna Matesh translated 4 articles into Ukrainian.
May 23 - revised abstract (only) of sect2.html "Introduction to the Weak Force".
June 8 - wrote new paper: "The Forces of Physics are Memories of Symmetry"  (memory.html). More requests for translations - up to 31 so far.
June 28 - split "The Higgs Boson and the Spacetime Metric" (higgsx.html) into two papers, second one "Postscript" (higgspost.html). Revised both extensively. Difficult papers, but of fundamental importance. 34 translations as of this date (see: "translations.html").
July 8 - revised "The human Condition" and split it into two parts (human.html and human2.html)
Some website paper translations (see file"translations.html" for more.
July 31 - translation request #35.
Aug. 1 Write new paper "The Higgs Boson and the Alternative Charge Carriers" (alternative.html)
Aug. 16 - 31 Revise "alternative.html". One of my better papers (?) (5+ revisions)
Aug. 20 Revise abstracts of several "unification" papers: appendix1.html; appendixsum.html; uftcourse.html; thermo.html
Aug. 21 Reply to gravitation letter
Sept. Split alternative.html into part I and II, with revisions (alternative.html  alternative2.html)
Sept. Writing a small paper on the symmetries and broken symmetries of our universe. Appending it to the alternative2.html paper (becomes alternative3.html)
Sept. 26 Translation request #36. Sandi Wolfe Russian appendixsum.html
Sept. Appended a section to alternative3.html concerning global-local gauge symmetries.
Sept - Oct. Revised several abstracts, including appendix1.html and several other papers also dealing with the "unified field theory".
Oct. - Download app for checking links - checked all links on website (except in zip files). Found many broken links. Embarrassment!
Dec. Revise abstract of appendix1.html (again). Not doing much but reading. Low energy. Feeling my age.
Jan. 7 - Translation request #37. Indonesian - first request for a non-European language. Jordan Silaen (partable.html)
Jan. 27 - Write new paper "Lessons from the Solar System" (saturn.html)
Doc. wants me to have a brain scan - I am unsteady on my feet, cannot walk normally. (Scan seems normal.)
Feb. 8 - Translation request # 38. Portuguese - Diana Gomes. Partable.html.
Have been thinking about a new characterization of "Trinity" or tetrahedron diagram points: 1) Energy; 2) Information; 3) Creativity; 4) Conservation.
Energy includes entropy, intrinsic motions of light and time, and hence also dimensionality; Information includes charge and symmetry; Creativity includes life as well as the creation of the universe; Conservation pertains to energy, symmetry, information, and all "given" physical constants and "natural laws" and principles.
Feb. 20 - Translation request # 39 - Swedish - Weronika Pawlak - sect7.html
March 1 - revised "partable.html" - removed "alternative pathways" section from bottom of paper. I now think it's probably wrong - I can't balance the equations. Bulk of paper seems OK.  Slowly recovering from rotten cold. Esther has double cataract surgery. Seems successful.
March 10 - write another small summary paper "Overview of the System".  I keep trying to summarize my work - anticipating the end? Have felt weak lately, perhaps from lingering cold (or allergies). Finish revision and send to vixra web archive 26 March. Esther's 73rd birthday. Will do wildflower drives.
March 14 - Tim and Ellie visit; suggest Tim translate "human.html". Ellie interested in Cal Poly Architecture for college.
April 3 - Translation request no. 40 - Finnish - Karla Valenzuela - Sect2.html.
April 5 - Translation request no. 41 - German - Lukas Schmidt - appendix1.html,  appendix2.html,  appendixsum.html. Below are links to the three parts of the paper:

42) April 14, 2017 "partable.html" - Alphonso Garcia - Spanish (?links?)
43) April 21, 2017  "Man's Role in Nature" (sect12.html) - Artur Weber - Portuguese  (?links?)
44) May 9, 2017 "The Particle Table" (partable.html) - Irina Vasilescu - Romanian (?links?)
23 May - revise basic diagram of tetrahedron model (tetraz1.pdf) and replace all old versions of this diagram that I could find in the website (tetraz1.gif), a big job because this link occurs hundreds of times in the website.  Very pleased with the revised model! Much better than old!
I have also spent considerable time organizing the email responses to the website that I have received since 1997 (3 large binders plus several smaller ones). Correspondence from  Gus Jaccaci is in a separate (4th) large binder. I have no idea what will happen to these paper records when I pass. In any case, all important papers are published on the internet archive, where they should be safe. (Google search vixra/
4 June, 2017 - revise trintxtcut.html to conform to new tetrahedron diagram. I have more work like this to do!
8 June 2017 - I discover an archive of ~90 of my papers kept on the internet by Google under its "Wordpress" program (now abandoned). Very handsome format, "journal ready". See:     for an example and access to all other archived papers. I cannot now revise these papers, so many of them have not been brought up to date.  Also, I have recently added my email address to all papers listed on the first page of the website, this because I have not received any email about the website for more than 6 months. I think the smart-phone "revolution" is to blame, and therefore I think that having my email address only on the main index page of the website is insufficient for that small format. I have added a link to the "Wordpress" archive and to the vixra webpage archive of my papers at the bottom of page 1 and top of page 2 ( of the website main index page (
9 June 2017 - translation request no. 45) - "Newton, Darwin, and the Abundance of Life in the Universe" (darwin.html)  Russian - Sandi Wolfe.
See:     See also by Sandi:
20 June 2017 - Translation request no. 46 - "Symmetry Principles of the Unified Field Theory" (appendix1.html) into Japanese by Haruto Anami. This is the first Japanese translation. Below are the links to the three parts of the paper:
27 June 2017 - Translation request no. 47 - "Partable.html" into Irish.
7 Sept. 2017 - Wrote another small paper ("The Higgs Boson and the Leptonic Spectrum") (ewdomain.html) Have no idea if it's any good. May have to work on it some more. (Revision uploaded to vixra on 12 Sept. Now I like it.) Meanwhile, I have finished upgrading the abstracts of all papers on the first index page to a large font, so they may be more easily read on the small screen smart phones. Only the abstracts and only the first index page. Some abstracts were slightly revised. I have also been nursing a finger for at least 6 weeks now, a finger which got smashed in the front door by a gust of wind. Very nasty, emergency room, doctors, etc. Esther has been dressing it every other day and recovery is good. I'm using a rolling walker these days.
4 Oct. 2017 - Wrote another small paper ("parallel.html") which I attached to the bottom of "darwin.html". Vertigo very bad today. Continue working on revising abstracts of papers on index page one, and of first 50 most read papers (according to Google tracking robot). I remain convinced that my papers are both good and important for physics and philosophy. Will the "establishment" ever think so? Perhaps long after my death. My personal satisfaction is the most important thing. I have failed in all my other endeavors in life except my website papers - or so I believe.
12 Dec. 2017 Translation request into Estonian - see below.
18 Jan. 2018 translation request into Czech - see below.
Matthew has moved into a new apt. near us.
24 Jan. 2018 - "darwin.html" translated into Bosnian by Amina Dugalic. See:
26 Jan. 2018 - "darwin.html" translated into Thai by Ashna Bhatt
11 Jan. 2018 - Revise tetrahedron diagram of the "Theory of Everything" - tetraz1.pdf (adding and emphasizing the biological "life force")
20 Jan. 2018 - "chain.html" translated into Uzbek by Sherali Niyazova
8 March 2018 - Revise tetrahedron diagram "Theory of Everything" (tetraz1.pdf) to emphasize the principal "conservation of energy".
15 March 2018 - "spacesum.html" translated into Hindi by Nikol
16 March 2018 - "chain.html" translated into Georgian by Ana Mirilashvili
11 April 2018 - Ana Mirilashvili sect10.html ("Conservation") into Georgian. Link:
3 May 2018 - sect7.html into Hindi by Nathan Zed
4 May 2018 - chain.html "A Hierarchy of Creativity" into Croatian by Milica Novak
5 May 2018 Finish updating format of papers to larger font size to accommodate "smart phones"

23 May 2018  Martin Aus: I have translated your page into Estonian here: 

27 May 2018 Write small paper "Why there is Something rather than Nothing". Attached to bottom of "human.html".

mid-June 2018 Dr. Nigel Fleming expresses wish to collaborate on joint paper or small book. I agree. We begin by exchanging emails and phone calls. He lives in Barcelona Spain. Education includes Harvard and Cambridge. I am cautiously hopeful that this joint effort will actually produce a publication for the "establishment".

13 July 2018 Martin Aus translated "Origin of Life" paper into Estonian.
1 Aug. 2018 Wrote small paper: "Summary of Forces".
14 Aug. 2018 Alana Kerimova: I have translated "chain.html" into Kazakh and located it here on my WordPress site: .
6 Sept. 2018 "A Hierarchy of Creativity" (chain.html) has been translated into Norwegian by Lars Olden. Many thanks, Lars!
23 Sept. 2018 "The Higgs boson and the Spacetime Metric" has been translated into Italian.
8 Oct. 2018
This paper (chain.html) "A Hierarchy of Creativity" has been translated into Thai by Ashna Bhatt, Many thanks, Ashna! 8 Oct. 2018
9 Oct. 2018 This paper ("The Solar Archetype" (sect13.html)) has been translated into Thai by Ashna Bhatt. Many thanks, Ashna!
10 Oct. 2018 This paper ("Man's Role in Nature" (sect12.html)) has been translated into Thai by Ashna Bhatt. Many thanks, Ashna!
 6 Nov. 2018 "The "W" IVB and the Weak Force Mechanism" (weakforce.html) has been translated into German by Daniel Gruber.
This paper has been translated into German  (click here)
20 Nov., 2018 Write small paper "abstract1.html".  Summary/abstract of unified field/theory of everything papers.

19 Dec 2018

From: Victor Rudnev <> [Add to Address Book]
Subject: Partnership
Date: Dec 19, 2018 5:19 AM
My name is Victor Rudnev and I am a translator at one of the educational services. I translate foreign journal articles and foreign website materials for students from Western Europe countries. Recently I and my colleagues created non-commercial website for educational purposes, where we decided to collect high-quality translations of interesting scientific and research materials from different academic fields to spread knowledge for those, who have problems with English language or want to obtain appropriate translation of the interested article.
So, it will be very nice to get your permission to translate one of the articles from your website. Of course, I will put a link to your original article! In addition, it will be great, if you can put a link to our educational service alongside with the link to a translated article, because our company helps us a lot in this project considering it as a "good social and educational project". Something like here -
Eagerly awaiting to your reply,
Victor Rudnev


23 Jan., 2019 Translation of  Nature's Fractal Pattern: Part 1
into French by Jean-Etienne Bergemer.

28 Feb. 2019 chain.html (Hierarchy of Creativity) has been translated into Russian  by Angelina Baeva.
13 April 2019 Wrote small summary paragraph for the abstract of the "causality.html" paper. Also made it a separate small paper with filename "afterthought.html". Listed in index page #2 ("TandD.html"). Sent "causality" paper (sect14.html) to VIXRA archives.
Also put together three "essays" summarizing the work on the TOE and the UFT ("Summary of Forces" on index page #1). Posted under the filename "forces.html" and also sent to VIXRA archive.
18 April 2019
This paper has been translated into Spanish by Laura Mancini. Many thanks, Laura!  (sect10.html  "Conservation")
26 April 2019  Elana Pavlet has translated "A Hierarchy of Creativity" into Hungarian. Many thanks, Elana!
3 June 2019 Claudia Monteys has translated "Man's Role in Nature" into Spanish. Many thanks, Claudia! (ibidem group translation experts).
(73) This paper has been translated into Czech  by Ivana Horak, 12 June, 2019. Many thanks, Ivana!

(74) Hi,
We appreciate your work for the outstanding research and information you have provided here:
A unique thing about your page is that it has an option to be translated in many other languages. This is an excellent effort as everyone is not able to read and understand English and they’re looking for blogs and information in their own language. I am reaching out to you because I also intend to translate your page, which I believe is very informative and useful, in Urdu so that people who understand it can read and be benefited from it.
Kindly tell me the procedure of how I can contribute to this.
Thanks to you.
John L Spears

             Translations Chronology  (See also: translations1.html  and  translations.html)

(I regard every translation as suitable for a CV listing - about 72 in 29 languages (as of April 2019)).

1) 12  May, 2011 "The Particle Table" (partable.html) - Bohdan Zograf - Belorussian
1a) 8 Oct., 2012 "The Particle Table"(partable.html) - Dmitrieva Marina - German
2) 20 Nov., 2012 "Global-Local Gauge symmetries and the Weak Force" (gauge13.html) - Agnessa Petrova - Ukrainian
2a) The "Particle Table" has been translated into Ukrainian, many thanks to Agnessa Petrova. See: Ukrainian translation) by Jeweell team ( by ( (sometime 2011-12)
 3) 19 Dec., 2012 "The Particle Table" (partable.html) - Katia Osipova - Polish
4) 6 Feb., 2014 "The Particle Table" (partable.html) - Aleksandr Molochan - Russian
4a) 23 May, 2014 "Speculations Concerning Dark Matter and the Weak Force" (darkmatter.html) - Kate Bondareva - French
5) 15 June, 2014 "The 'W' IVB and the Weak Force Mechanism" (weakforce.html) - Anna Chekovsky - French
6) 21 July, 2014 "The Conversion of Space to Time by Gravity" (conversion.html) - Vicky Rotarova - French
7) 16 Aug., 2014 "Synopsis of the System of Matter" (spacesum.html) - Kate Bondareva - French
8) 17 Oct., 2014 "Newton, Darwin, and the Abundance of Life in the Universe" (darwin.html) - Natalie Harmann - French
9) 16 Nov., 2014 "Noether's Theorem and Einstein's Interval" (sect9.html) - Vicky Rotarova - French
10) 16 Dec., 2014 "Causality" (sect14.html) - Felicia Hoffmann - Polish
11) 13 Jan., 2015 "Symmetry Principles of the Unified Field Theory" (part one) (appendix1.html) - Anna Chekovsky - French
12) 15 Jan., 2015 "Man's role in Nature" (sect12.html) - Valeria Aleksandrova - Polish
13) 5 Feb., 2015 "Symmetry Principles of the Unified Field Theory" (part two) (appendix2.html) - Anna Chekovsky - French
14) 5 Feb., 2015 "Solar Archetype" (sect13.html) - Valeria Aleksandrova  - Polish
15) 7 March, 2015 "Symmetry Principles of the Unified Field Theory" (part three - summary) (appendixsum.html) - Vicky Rotarova - French
16) 2 April, 2015 "A Description of Gravity" (gravity.html) - Stoil Dragomirov - Bulgarian
17) 21 April, 2015 "Simple Table of the Four Forces" (simple.html and simple1.html) - Silvia Moraru - French
18) 1 May, 2015 "The Strong Force: Two Expressions" (meson.html - Valeria Aleksandrova - German
19) 20 May, 2016 "Newton, Darwin, and the Abundance of Life in the Universe" (darwin.html) - Anna Matesh - Ukrainian
20) May 23, 2016 "The Human Connection" (human.html) - Anna Matesh - Ukrainian
21) May 23, 2016 "Man's Role in Nature" (sect12.html) - Anna Matesh - Ukrainian
22) May 24, 2016 "Nature's Fractal Pathway" (info.html) - Anna Matesh - Ukrainian
23) May 25, 2016 "Newton, Darwin, and the Abundance of Life in the Universe" (darwin.html) - Katerina Nestiv - Macedonian
24) May 25, 2016 "Newton, Darwin, and the Abundance of Life in the Universe" (darwin.html) - Elana Pavlet - Hungarian
26 May, 2016 "Sect5: Introduction to Cosmology" (sect5.html) - Elana Pavlet - Hungarian
26) 26 May, 2016 "Sect I: Introduction to Unification" (sect1.html) - Elana Pavlet - Hungarian
26 May, 2016 "Sect 13: The Solar Archetype" (sect13.html) - Katerina Nestiv - Macedonian
28) 30 May, 2016 "Sect 2: Introduction to Gravity" (sect2.html) - Elana Pavlet - Hungarian
29) 1 June, 2016 "The Time Train" (timetrain.html) - Katerina Nestiv - Macedonian
30) 3 June, 2016 "Sect 7: Introduction to Entropy" (sect7.html) - Elana Pavlet - Hungarian
31) 3 June, 2016 "Introduction to the E-Book" (bookintro.html) - Elana Pavlet - Hungarian
32) 9 June 2016 "memory.html" - Katerina Nestiv - Macedonian
33) 16 June 2016 "partable.html" (?) (no links given) - Timur - Spanish & Ukrainian
33a) 21 June 2016 "memory.html" Stoil Dragomirov - Bulgarian (?no links, no translation?)
34) 22 June 2016 "darwin.html" - Sophi Spacilova - Slovenian
35) July 31, 2016 "memory.html"  - Barbora Lebedova - Czech
36) Sept. 26, 2016 "appendixsum.html" - Sandi Wolfe - Russian
37) Jan. 7, 2017 "partable.html"  - Jordan Silaen - Indonesian
38) Feb. 8, 2017 "partable.html. - Diana Gomes - Portuguese
39) Feb. 20, 2017 "sect7.html" - Weronika Pawlak - Swedish
40) April 3, 2017  "sect2.html" - Karla Valenzuela - Finnish
41) April 5, 2017 "appendix1.html",  "appendix2.html",  "appendixsum.html" - Lukas Schmidt - German
                                                             (links for no. 41) 

42) April 14, 2017 "partable.html" - Alphonso Garcia - Spanish (?links?)
43) April 21, 2017  "Man's Role in Nature" (sect12.html) - Artur Weber - Portuguese
44) May 9, 2017 "The Particle Table" (partable.html) - Irina Vasilescu - Romanian (link)
45) June 9, 2017 "darwin.html" Sandi Wolfe  - Russian
46) 20 June 2017 - "Symmetry Principles of the Unified Field Theory" "appendix1.html",  "appendix2.html",  "appendixsum.html" - Haruto Anami - Japanese
                                                                                       (links for no. 46)

 47) 27 June 2017 - "partable.html" into Irish by a translator group
 48) 12 Dec. 2017 - "stored.html" into Estonian by Karolin Lohmus
 49) 18 Jan. 2018  - "darwin.html" into Czech by Ivana Horak
50) 24 Jan. 2018 - "darwin.html" translated into Bosnian by Amina Dugalic. See:
51) 26 Jan. 2018 - "darwin.html" translated into Thai by Ashna Bhatt
52) 20 Feb. 2018 - "chain.html" translated into Uzbek by Sherali Niyazova
53) 15 March 2018 - "spacesum.html" translated into Hindi by Nikol
54) 16 March 2018 - "chain.html" translated into Georgian by Ana Mirilashvili
55) 11 April 2018 - Ana Mirilashvili sect10.html ("Conservation") into Georgian. Link:

56) 3 May 2018 - sect7.html into Hindi by Nathan Zed
57) 4 May 2018 - chain.html "A Hierarchy of Creativity" into Croatian by Milica Novak
Martin Aus: 23 May 2018  I have translated your page into Estonian here:
59) 13 July 2018 Martin Aus: I have translated your "Origin of Life" paper into Estonian.
60) 14 Aug. 2018 Alana Kerimova: I have translated "chain.html" into Kazakh and located it here on my WordPress site: .

(61) 6 Sept. 2018 "A Hierarchy of Creativity" (chain.html) has been translated into Norwegian by Lars Olden. Many thanks, Lars!
(62) 23 Sept. 2018 "The Higgs boson and the Spacetime Metric" has been translated into Italian.

8 Oct. 2018 This paper (chain.html) "A Hierarchy of Creativity" has been translated into Thai by Ashna Bhatt, Many thanks, Ashna! 8 Oct. 2018
(64) 9 Oct. 2018
This paper ("The Solar Archetype" (sect13.html)) has been translated into Thai by Ashna Bhatt. Many thanks, Ashna!
(65) 10 Oct. 2018
This paper ("Man's Role in Nature" (sect12.html)) has been translated into Thai by Ashna Bhatt. Many thanks, Ashna!
(66) 6 Nov. 2018 "The "W" IVB and the Weak Force Mechanism" (weakforce.html) has been translated into German by Daniel Gruber. Many thanks, Daniel!
This paper has been translated into German  (click here)
(67) 19 Dec 2018

From: Victor Rudnev <> [Add to Address Book]
Subject: Partnership
Date: Dec 19, 2018 5:19 AM

(68) 23 Jan., 2019 Translation of  Nature's Fractal Pattern: Part 1  into French by Jean-Etienne Bergemer.
(69) 28 Feb., 2019 chain.html (Hierarchy of Creativity)
has been translated into Russian  by Angelina Baeva.
18 April 2019 This paper has been translated into Spanish by Laura Mancini. Many thanks, Laura!
(71) 26 April 2019  Elana Pavlet has translated "A Hierarchy of Creativity" into Hungarian. Many thanks, Elana!
(72) 3 June 2019 Claudia Monteys has translated "Man's Role in Nature" into Spanish. Many thanks, Claudia! (ibidem group translation experts).
(73) This paper has been translated into Czech  by Ivana Horak, 12 June, 2019. Many thanks, Ivana!
We appreciate your work for the outstanding research and information you have provided here:
A unique thing about your page is that it has an option to be translated in many other languages. This is an excellent effort as everyone is not able to read and understand English and they’re looking for blogs and information in their own language. I am reaching out to you because I also intend to translate your page, which I believe is very informative and useful, in Urdu so that people who understand it can read and be benefited from it.
Kindly tell me the procedure of how I can contribute to this.
Thanks to you.
John L Spears

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